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Coaching Services

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  • For the athlete who wants a plan with daily communication, analysis, and adjustments to the athlete's life schedule: Individualized endurance sport coaching in triathlon, running, swimming, or cycling.  


  • For the athlete who already has a plan but wants some ideas to improve: Consultative video call to review an individual's existing plan and offer feedback. 

  • For the athlete who trains well but struggles in races:  Video call (or a series of video calls) to address race-day performance, race strategy, and race nutrition.

  • For the coach who wants another perspective on an athlete's plan: Group video call with an existing coach/athlete team to provide feedback on progression and guidance for next steps. 

  • For the student-athlete: Discounted plans on any of the above. Parents are encouraged to join for these conversations. 

I'm experienced coaching athletes aged 16-65+. Different people need different things from a coach. I may be the best coach for you if our relationship is rooted in trust and validated with honest communication. 

Schedule your free introductory conversation to review pricing and learn if we're a fit.

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