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About Me.

Growing up in a small town in South Jersey, everything in our family turned into a competition. My brother and I challenged ourselves daily to outpace, outwit, and outplay the other. Now, I know what you're thinking--my poor mother! Her role was the supportive one, who made it safe to push our limits and take risks academically, athletically, and socially.

Competing against your role model and your best friend in everything from swimming to putting your seatbelt on in the car subtly teaches that competition is less about taking someone else down and more about revealing whats inside of you. Compete's latin roots speak to this idea, com meaning "with" and petō translated "to seek/aim/strive." 

To strive together. It's as close as I've gotten to a personal motto. Fighting complacency, challenging one's limits, and doing so with others who challenge, inspire, and support your journey.



Tuck School of Business

Highly selective on-campus certificate program taught by MBA faculty designed for military veterans and elite athletes focusing on leadership development, strategy, financial analysis, spreadsheet modeling, and business communication.


Boston College

MS Leadership & Administration

Coursework focused on developing the skills and knowledge to lead effectively and strategically across a variety of professions and positions. Coursework included data analysis, project management, and Ignatian-based applied ethics.


Boston College

BA English

Jesuit, liberal-arts education inspired by the university motto, "Ever to Excel". Major coursework focused on developing skills including critical-thinking, written and oral communication, and textual analysis. Also a 4-year member of BC's Varsity Swimming & Diving Team, Voted Team Captain by my teammates, 3x Leadership Award winner, ACC Top-6 for Service Award, ACC Scholar-Athlete, 2008 Fin Relay Team Champion

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