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For your listening & viewing pleasure. . .

We apologize for the long wait for the CDs, but scheduling and unforseen happenings has delayed studio time for the CD recordings.

My first DVD, video by Polka Joe, from New York is a 45 minute DVD that includes Joe strolling throughout the famous Frankenmuth Michigan Bavarian Inn Restaurant, entertaining guests in various dining rooms.

Joe at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant

To order DVD's, simply send check or money order for $10. (includes S&H) to Maloy Music Company, 136 Peanut Street, Derry, PA 15627-2613.



Joe and his drummer, Joey Pierlioni, from New York at the Irondequoit Oktoberfest in NY

The second DVD available is a 45 to 50 minute recording of Joe and his drummer, Joey Pierlioni from Irondequoit New York performing at the Oktoberfest in Irondequoit.  It is an enjoyable DVD with a sampling of the full band sound from Mr Oktoberfest and shows the enjoyment to be experienced at an Oktoberfest.

A Tribute to Videographer, Polka Joe

I reserve this spot for Polka Joe, my good friend and a videographer who loves what he does and knows what people enjoy seeing on a video.  Joe Trzeciak, known to everyone as "Polka Joe", travels wherever there is a venue of polka artists and videos events for Public Television.  Joe IS NOT in to video for a profit and all his work and efforts, along with his equipment and time that he provides through his own finances, is to promote our style of music and entertainment thru his friend who provides the DVDs and Tape to 28 plus Public Television Stations on the East Coast and Australia and just joining is the Minnesota area.  Again, I say, Joe DOES NOT SELL VIDEOS.  I say this for the information of musicians who do sell for profit.

Joe MUST have permission from the Band, it's leader and musicians before he will video your event.  This is to insure musicians, and Joe...that there is no conflict of interest and videos he does will only be used on his part, for the use and viewing on various Public Television Networks.

So. . .for any bands interested in participating and who may be in the area of New York that Joe resides, feel free to email Joe and talk to him about your schedule and you may be fortunate enough as I was to have him do a video for you.  I am extremely happy with what he did for me.

(As for my videos done by Joe, I am charging a small fee but I really make no money on it.  I do it mainly for sharing my music and enthusiasm with my friends, fans and anyone who may enjoy this type of music.)

Polka Joe . . . Clifton Park, New York